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LYF True 4G smartphone+ devices now available at feature phone price

LYF Smartphone+, the 4G LTE smartphone brand from Reliance Retail, has pushed the envelope of affordability in the Indian smartphone space by announcing a very aggressive price of Rs. 2999 on four of its Flame models – Flame 3, Flame 4, Flame 5 and Flame 6. This makes LYF India’s most affordable VoLTE (Voice over LTE) smartphone and opens the doors to a digital life for millions of consumers, a move which r ...

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Telecom regulator TRAI should give complete flexibility to apps and websites

Nasscom has said TRAI should give complete flexibility to apps and websites for deciding on provisions for rewarding free data to customers.Bengaluru’s metro rail is inviting startups to bid for spaces at the Byappanahalli, Swamy Vivekananda Road, Indiranagar, Halasuru and Trinity stations. Google India has come out on top in ET’s study this year on India’s Best Companies to Work For. It is up from second p ...

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Latest tech news, startups, business deals, and policy changes

The past month would've been all business as usual in European tech, were it not for a little referendum thing where the UK voted to leave the EU. Some big changes for businesses based in or working with the UK are underway, but no one seems to know yet when and how they will manifest themselves. In other news, Sweden has trialled innovative approaches in two different industries—transportation and land reg ...

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Tax evasion allegations faces Google

Spain: Police raided Google’s Madrid headquarters on suspicion of failing to pay sufficient tax in the country. The unannounced inspections took place after a court order was approved earlier this week, and follow similar raids in France. 35 inspectors from the local tax authority carried out the raids on Thursday on Google's two premises in the Spanish capital according to local media. Google is under fire ...

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Diversity efforts of Google show scant progress

Google released its diversity figures for the first time in 2014 and sparked a conversation among Silicon Valley tech companies that led many of its closest competitors to follow suit. Google's overall percentage of non-white, non-Asian employees in the United States did not move at all in 2015 from the year before, remaining at 2 percent for African Americans, 3 percent for Hispanics, 3 percent for multira ...

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Computer modelling based on microclimate data

Most people appreciate urban parks for their aesthetic and social worth. In hot climates, the right mix of ground cover, plant and tree foliage can noticeably improve local microclimates to make inner cities more liveable, say researchers at the Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia. They placed portable weather stations in and around a lakeside park near the university to document the microclimate among it ...

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New develop computer models to unravel the complexities of TB infection

US: Scientists used computers to model the formation of tuberculosis granulomas in the lung -- the non-active (latent) form of infection found in 2 billion individuals worldwide (11 million in the U.S.) that can activate to become a life-threatening infection. Employing a computer model aims to speed analysis of TB’s complex life-cycle and to identify potential new antibiotics, antibiotic targets, and bioma ...

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