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Interview with Mr M Vasudevan : Sr Buisness Development Officer, Technopark

“I was amongst the first employee who had joined Technopark I have seen this park grow from a nascent stage to adulthood........” Q: How do you see IT in Kerala shaping up by 2020? A: We are very hopeful that Technopark Trivandrum will be among top 6 position IT park in the coming years, as Kerala belongs to Tier 3 category our cost of operation is lower, the quality of life much better compared to other me ...

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“Though Animation is growing in India, we hold a very small share in the global market.” – Toonz CEO : Interactive session with Anupam Luthra

Interview with Toonz Animation and Toonz Academy CEO, P Jayakumar. 1.       How relevant is the growth of Animation industry In India and what have been some of the obstacles faced and how can one overcome them? Over the period from 2006 onwards there has been a high growth rate of media entertainment industry which grew from 19-20% in GDP out of which animation is at record level of 30-35% which is the hig ...

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An Interview with the brains behind the new Tablet “Attitude Daksha” – Nijesh C R and Aadith Bose: Interactive session with Anupam Luthra

An Interview with the brains behind the new Tablet – “Attitude Daksha” – Nijesh C R and Aadith Bose. Q: When did you both start thinking about starting your own business and becoming entrepreneurs? When did you start with it? A: Being close friends, we shared the same passion towards technology and were aware of each other’s potential. Whenever we meet, we would discuss ideas that could be developed into a ...

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